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Our vision is to turn Africa into “THE TECH HUB” of the world, where IT skills are harnessed to serve the World at large.

Neighborhood Tech Hub sought to act for the future by delievring Tech Hubs, for learning tech skills in every Neighborhood in Africa
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Our mission is to create opportunities for all African youths enabling them to learn and up skill themselves in the latest emerging technologies, by setting up Tech Hubs in every Neighborhood.
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The goal is to change Africa’s future by acting now, so much that within the next 10 years, a sizeable number of African youths would have been exposed to the opportunities that will empower them come out of the poverty zone, thereby steering Africa away from the poverty line.
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Africa's population is estimated very youthful, with 43% between 0-14 years old; 53% between 15-65 years and 4% over 65 years.

We cannot fold our hands without being deliberate about her future; We have thus taken up the challenge as an opportunity to revolutionize the future by training the minds of today’s youth for a strategic positioning for tomorrow’s needs.

We are digitally educating Africa's youth to turn her into the world's largest hub of innovators in the nearest future.

We are currently running four (4) free courses viz

  1. Web Development
  2. Graphics Design
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Video Editing

Neighborhood Tech Hub

Tech Hub

Africa’s youths remain her potentially greatest asset, her potentially renewable resource for productivity, huge market, and even export.

We cannot export illiterates in a world driven by digital revolution.

And as a goal driven organization, we sought partnerships with like minded individuals and organizations in delivering contents that are futuristic using simplified learning methodologies that makes learning fast and interesting.

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